Photo courtesy of Colson Griffith Photography

Photo courtesy of Colson Griffith Photography

Her Rebel Highness Productions’ singers alternate between performing a cappella and singing and dancing to a fully orchestrated backing track.

Their original music features ranges from the elegance and sophistication of classical instrumentation, to upbeat and edgy pop/rock, to futuristic dance music.

“San Francisco”
© 2017 V. & S. Amarasingham

This sing is from the San Francisco-themed show, Pioneers & IPOs, that celebrates the city’s
pioneering culture, from the gold rush to the tech boom

© 2016 V. & S. Amarasingham

This song is featured in the Future Glow Package. It begins with ethereal music featuring haunting, sweeping harmonies and transitions to upbeat, hip hop with pop vocals.

“Courage” feat. Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G Minor
© 2014 V. & S. Amarasingham

This upbeat, resolute song is featured in the Her Rebel Highness package and is performed by all three princesses. Princesses Gwendolyn and Victoria begin the song by trying to console Princess Antonina, whose kingdom has been occupied by Queen Lucinda. The latter princess soon rallies and sings a stunning operatic solo in the bridge, in which her voice is intended to sound like an angelic instrument in the orchestra.

“My Fate” feat. Fauré’s Pavane
© 2014 V. & S. Amarasingham

This introspective, romantic ballad is featured in the Her Rebel Highness Package and is performed by Princess Gwendolyn after her betrothed, King Frederick, catches her off guard with a surprisingly heartfelt and gentile proposal of marriage, which to her surprise, affects her immensely. The highly spirited princess has been putting the wedding off for years and years, but her suitor’s sudden display of affection and chivalry, makes her reconsider her actions.

“Queen Lucinda’s Theme” feat. Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor
© 2014 S. Amarasingham

This instrumental piece is featured in the Her Rebel Highness package and is danced to by Queen Lucinda of Zeylon. She inherited the throne but 2 weeks ago and is wasting no time in letting it be known that she is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Her ambition has no limits, therefore she is determined to make Zeylon a world power. The formidable queen exhibits great power when dancing in the style of flamenco, which exemplifies drama and passion.