Brand New Show

HRH shall be debuting an excerpt of their brand new show at the extravagant NACE gala in San Francisco on 11/13! Read the NEWS.

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The Characters

Meet Princesses Gwendolyn, Antonina & Victoria, Queen Lucinda, King Frederick & Martin Turner!

The Cast

Discover the exceptional talent behind all of the rebellion, repression and regalia.


Experience the splendid sights and sounds that are... Her Rebel Highness.


Read the wonderfully kind words of the press.

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"The 'girl power' movement may have gotten lost somewhere in British pop quintet the Spice Girls’ ample cleavage in the mid-90s, but fortunately for us, the righteous spirit -- and ample cleavage -- live on in the form of three fictitious, 18th century princesses known as Her Rebel Highness." - San Francisco Weekly
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